The Notebook


There are many things that I need to accomplish today at work and blogging about it is not on the list. But since it’s still early and I am definitely itching to write something today, I’m posting not about the things I need to do but on the importance of why I need my notebook on a daily basis.


I am the kind of person who remembers everything I need or want to do within the day when I was in high school until the early years in college.  It was definitely not a need back then. Although I started writing my journal since high school, it didn’t include the things I do on a daily basis.

I started bringing a small notebook or planner when I joined InterVarsity. A planner or notebook was a requirement from our staffworker.

Being part of the leadership team, I am obliged to have one since we are required to write down assignments and target date for finishing the tasks for our chapter. It was also a necessity for me every time there is sharing time; I get to write some points and learning’s from the group.

Everything changed when I started working in the corporate world, my notebook became bigger and thicker. Instead of writing only 3-5 things to do everyday, I sometimes end up writing 20 things I need to do just for one day which definitely makes me toxic most of the time.


To date, I consumed 7 notebooks that were big and small since late last year until this month. I know I was and is still busy with a lot of things but when I browsed my notebooks back then I noticed that there were some stuff that was done on a daily basis and others who were urgent but not important for that day.

For now, the notebook is a big help to remind me of unfinished tasks from yesterday and make the most out of it for today. It also reminds me to jot down important contact numbers and advises from my bosses and our clients. One of the challenges I have right now is to make my notebook look clean. 

I have no intention of keeping my notebooks but from time to time, I like to read them and see how I’ve developed through the years. I also noticed that my penmanship changed from one page to another, sad to say, the changes seems to be from good to worst and not the contrary. Hehe…


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