ONCAN, An Opportunity

I came across one interesting group in Oriental Negros that deals about something close to my heart – Kids!

This particular group offers help and networking to protect, provide and promote the rights of the child specifically those who have been abused. Although I am not really a child activist or involved in any of these organizations, I strongly believe that they are good examples of how we can help in small ways to these little ones.

ONCAN’s Advocacy

ONCAN stands for Oriental Negros Children’s Advocacy Network. A network of 25 something Non-Government Organizations and LGU’s helping out women and kids who are in dire need of hope. The group’s main objective is probably summarized on their About page which I quote –

“1. To provide a network of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in coordination with local government units (LGUs) dedicated to assure the maximum protection of children in all strata of society from child abuse, child trafficking, child abandonment, child neglect, child imprisonment for minor offenses, violence, and discrimination;


2. To support the thrust that all children shall complete a high school education;


3. To raise public awareness about the recognition and respect of children’s rights and responsibilities and;


 4. To support intervention programs and services for the protection and welfare of children.”

 Courtesy of ThinksHopBlog

An Experience to Remember

InterVarsity went to Rainbow Village in Batinguel years ago as part of  our community involvement. We spent half a day with the kids in the village through skits, puppet shows and eating time. It was a fellowship to behold.

I enjoyed the time we spent there for the kids. Tears wouldn’t stop as we prayed for the kids, encouraged them through songs and bible stories. We also listened to their foster parents sharing how each kid’s struggle before coming to Rainbow Village. It was an eye opener for me who was taking up Social Science as a major in one of the Universities here in Dumaguete.

Andrea, a good friend and fellow InterVarsity member sang a lullaby to an 8 year old kid who was blind, deaf and mute since birth.  When Andrea sang the song – “Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so…” the kid calmed down and rested on her shoulders.

Andrea, who had a nervous breakdown prior to this activity, shared her experience to the group afterwards on how that kid touched her heart and her realization of God’s goodness and faithfulness in her life.  It was definitely life changing.

We also went to Casa Esperanza on Christmas of the same year. We didn’t have enough sleep from the previous night when we were packing-up gifts for the kids and did caroling and gift-giving somewhere in Tinago.

It was another experience to behold.

Kids are taken to Casa Esperanza for protection while their cases are being filed in court. These places  provide  comfort and protection against people that wronged them.

I remember Kuya Hummy spending time with one kid and was discussing about painting and drawing. The other kids had fun as well as they were amazed at two of our new friends who were both Koreans. It was another fun and crying times with the Lord as we share what we have to the people living there.

Personal Convictions

I always believe that as Christians, God has called us to bring hope and comfort to the least of these brethren. Anything we do – small or big can help brings change and hope to these kids. As we Filipinos strongly believe that the kids of this nation are the hope of our country, let us not neglect those kids whose dreams and future got marred by circumstances that are beyond their control.

With that being said, I’m wondering how I can personally help ONCAN achieve its goal. I already made contact with an old friend of mine on how InterVarsity can assist the organization and of course, will be asking people from my home church to help out as well.   🙂 The task is definitely big but with the help of everyone else, I’m excited how we can help bring impact to the community!

 If you want to learn more about the said group and how you can help, please click here – ONCAN.


One thought on “ONCAN, An Opportunity

  1. Hi Vir

    Wow! What a small world. Haven’t heard from you for long but I’m glad you’re now active with the IVCF. You’ll be a great help to ONCAN. Please pray about it and get in touch with me through the net or celfon. ONCAN now has a domain: http://www.oncan.org please check it out.

    Thanks for your willingness to help. Take care and God bless!

    Te Baby

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