Tricycle Fares, Traffic Enforcers and Rainy Days

It’s another rainy day in Dumaguete and going to work is definitely a challenge.

I am not against the road construction in the city; this is actually a good testimony of our government doing well with our taxes. But with the road constructions and development with the public roads comes the adversary of high fares implemented anonymously by the tricycle drivers in the city, although I’m not generalizing it to all drivers. This so-called increase affects the people going to places or when passing by these areas.



For the last few months, I can’t get to work without spending around P 15-20.00 (or more!) just to get the attention of the drivers. They don’t even accept the double-ride scheme I usually say. Just for today, I paid P 20.00 for a tricycle ride from Capitol Area to TeleTech because 4 drivers declined the P 15.00 fare I was offering.

As much as I want to complain about the fares going to work, I have no choice but to give in rather than wait for some miracle getting a ride for P 7.00. I was ok with the P 15.00 ride from my place to the site but getting additional P 5.00 is definitely costly!

Another probable reason why these drivers decline in going to these areas is because of the high traffic these areas are getting.

Forgive me for ranting, the one way scheme they are implementing causes heavy traffic on a daily basis. These areas have been swamped with traffic and you’ll see traffic enforcers in group chatting on the next crossing doing nothing. My hands are itching to get pictures of this group relaxing when their expertise are needed especially during office hours.

Traffic enforcers I suppose are government employees being paid to ensure both safety and smooth flow in the streets of Dumaguete, now I’m wondering whether we are getting what we’re paying for with this kind of issue rising up.

I hope the city government would do something about this dilemma. I’m not sure if complaints have been raised in the city hall about these issues but I do hope they will look at it because it’s definitely creating a bad impression to tourists and locals here in the city – not to mention, their candidacy for the next elections.


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