Gossips and Credibilities

I hate it when people create stories about you.

An acquaintance asked me earlier about something that caught me off guard. I was not shock because of the question, but it’s more on the idea that I’m being talk about with something that its definitely not true. 

I’m the kind of person who’s prerogative is not to listen with gossips and hear it from the person itself. I’m not sure why people speak ill of someone just because you don’t speak to them or whatever. Haayyy…

Rumors will always be rumors when not proven, but everything changes when this is being spread out as facts with no probable cause. I know I don’t need to defend myself since these are not true. All I want to do is clarify these stuff with the person – which unfortunately doesn’t want to reveal himself/herself.

To that someone who never fails to spread gossips about me – it’s up to you whether you want to stop or not, I just wish you’re happy ruining other people’s life and credibility.


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