Back on Track With Reading

I often wonder if I still enjoy reading  good books lately. It’s been months now that I haven’t open any book to read. It’s seems that I am more pre-occupied with internet, my blog and work that I find it distasteful to spend better quality times alone with a book. The last book was Kuya Kevin’s “Basta Lovelife” and I have to admit, I still have to finish reading it! ( Ooops! Kuya Sorry!)

Not only do I find it bothersome to read, I haven’t bought any good book lately. I think the last book I got was Attitudes That Attracts Success and forgive me, I forgot even the name of the author! I need to get on track with reading, and fast!

Many of you might wonder why I’m so concerned with books and reading. I grew up as a typical bookworm – trying to read all the books I could find at home. When I was able to buy books from my salary, the passion heightened and I got a stack of books in our place, well-kept from tiny little hands who loves drooling over papers (Ash, No, No!) 

Well, the big problem is not with the books or with the time – but my interests and desire. I used to bring one book everywhere I go and read. Learning from the many experiences and insights from Christian authors allows me to think, reflect and make plans on how to share it.

I am definitely rebuked in knowing that I want to write a book about leadership someday, only to find out I lack the passion to read again. Haaay…

The plan now is to place importance to reading good christian literature and plot it in my schedule. An hour or so will not harm my other activities and it can better benefit me as a blogger with entries that will not just come from my own but lessons from others.

I got a pile of books to read that was either given or bought every time my impulsive buying triggers at the bookstore somewhere in downtown area. So, the first book to read I guess is “Basta Lovelife” by Kuya Kevin since it was the last book on my shelf with less dust. LoL!


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