The Rainy Season Coming

The rainy season has finally arrived. And I believe Ondoy is just a head start of what this country will experience. I don’t want to be pessimistic about it but the news tells us of another typhoon coming our way before Ondoy gets out of the country.

Typhoon Ondoy from Wikipedia

Typhoon “Ondoy” from Wikipedia

As I write this blog entry, many people living in the Manila area are being affected by the typhoon “Ondoy”. My own relatives have already moved out from their houses and stayed somewhere elevated. Many kids and families have no access of food or water for the last 3 days because of the floods. Although I believe that the rescuers are trying their best to give support, it will take time.

This would be one of the worst floods that have hit Manila. Although, I have experienced flood when I was living their with my early childhood, I have not been up to the roof to the extent of saving myself from the floods.

I guess it’s a blessing in disguise to live here in the province, it has benefits every time there is a storm. I usually experience signal no. 1 in Negros with just a few showers and rain during the day. And I thank the Lord for that!

I am more concerned to the kids who are being washed away, several months old babies with no food or protection against the wids and flood, and many more about kids. My heart ached when I heard in the news about kids not being able to eat 3x a day because there was no way out or by any means to get food from the outside.

I hope the rescuers would be able to help out many of those being stranded in their houses because of the floods.

By the way, I received a text message about a dam being opened and here’s what the news got to say about it –

MANILA – Authorities on Monday belied circulating text messages that water from the “Marikina dam” would be released, causing more flooding.

Marikina Mayor Marides Fernando said there is no such thing as a Marikina dam.

One such text message says: “If you have friends and families along Marcos highway, tell them to stay on a high area because authorities are about to open Marikina Dam. It will affect Marikina, Pasig area and lower Antipolo. So please pass for faster dissemination.”

Meanwhile, the Office of Civil Defense’s Anthony Golez said there are no plans to release water from any other dam at the moment.

In an interview over ANC’s on the Scene Monday afternoon, Golez said proper warnings will be given before authorities release water from filled up dams.

“Talking about misinformation, I would like to inform everybody that there is an ongoing text message that dams are going to be opened, that dams are going to spilling water into the different neighborhoods. Let me tell everybody that this information is not correct,” he said.

“Even before we have to release water from our dams, we follow certain protocols. As a matter of fact, PAGASA, which is the overseer of the dams, follow certain protocols that even before they release water, they need to warn the communities that are situated within the area of these dams. And after they warn them for a certain period of time, then they are educated, the people are educated which are safe, which areas are not safe,” he said.

Personal Comments to those passing this text message – IT’S CREATING MORE FEAR THAN HELPING OUT PEOPLE!!!

I can’t understand people doing this stupidity, why don’t they just help out people rather than sending text messages that stirs fear among those being stranded. Grrr….

I hope we validate these kind of forward messages before sending it to our contacts. I know we want to help and it’s okay to send text messages like these but when sending it without confirmation from news and authorities, I’m afraid it creates false fear and it can do more damage than good.

Let’s learn from this situation guys, and thanks for reading!


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