My Rants About The NEWS of Today!

I checked the online websites of 3 leading newspapers in the country and I have to say, there are only two major topics that this nation revolves in – showbiz and politics. The rest are placed next in line with the two as headliners.

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Try to read newspapers today and you’ll see news about Ping Lacson’s allegations against Erap, Jinggoy’s rebuttal against Ping’s expose, Kris’s and Boy’s plans to support Noynoy, Willie’s rumored plan to run for vice-presidency and among many others. These reports are of course true but I believe should not be the headlines days after another. (Yuck!)

I know it’s hard for reporters to get good scoop of the latest news but do they have to dwell on issues presented 3 to 4 days ago? I thought with modern ways to get reports comes the availability of fresh, up to date and hopefully insightful news.

Unfortunately, I find myself reading the same old issues (only the characters are changed) and not so good results. I guess news reporting is becoming a nutshell of bad news. I also find it interesting that when you’re in politics, it’s intertwined with showbiz and vice-versa. ( Can I say, Filipinos never learned…?)

Politics cater to more than half the pages of newspapers (and twitter) while tabloids and blogs hover upon latest showbiz gossips to get readers attention. Of course, I am not against the things they write or mode of writing (PEACE!), I just wish there will be other things that they can write about and lighten up the days of some workaholic guy like me. 

That is one problem when I’m reading anything online – you get to notice the same old news again and again. (SORRY!!) And I have to say, it pays to have a blogroll you can check from time to time when you’re becoming sordid about the news.


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