Philippine Blog Awards 2009 Visayas Venue!

I checked out the Philippine Blog Awards website and one of their latest updates was the venue for the PBA for the Visayas. The 2009’s Philippine Blog Awards Night will be held at the Ayala City Sports, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City. (I’m not sure if I was able to take a peek on that place when we had our Christmas Party in Cebu.)

I already signed-up through their online pre-registration form (Click the icon below, if you want to register as well) and will be waiting for their final advice if I have the opportunity to sit down and witness this event. (my fingers are tightly crossed!)


Although I’m pretty much excited about this event, I have ONE BIG PROBLEM. It may not be possible for me to join the said event because of work. I know I can request for a vacation leave but with my 2 colleagues being assigned to Manila for 1 month and only the 3 senior recruiters (That includes me!) will be left here for processing candidates.  

Well, I can still  join the event if  I can have a good strategy in managing my weekend. Here’s a possible schedule below just in case:

October 18, 2009

Travel to Cebu

Meet with some Cebu friends/bloggers

October 19, 2009

Go to Church in the morning

Spend some time at the mall

Go to PBA at night.

October 20, 2009

Homeward bound at 3:00am

You might be wondering why it’s that early. I’ll be working as soon as I stepped on Dumaguete shores again. As I said, I can’t go on leave because of lack of manpower in the office.

But then of course, if I get in as an official nominee for any awards, I’d die trying to secure approval. Hehehe… So, I guess that will do it since it’s only once in a lifetime wherein I can join such a prestigious event – not to mention that it’s the first BIG EVENT for Visayas that gathers all bloggers from all walks of LIFE.

By the way, Dumaguete-based bloggers, who wants to go to this spectacular event? I bet many of you reading this is excited of the said event. Hopefully, we could go to the event as a group so that we won’t get overwhelmed as being all alone. SO, WHAT’CHA’THINK’GUYS?


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