Of Youth and Workshops

Viz and I had the opportunity to conduct a leadership workshop to some leaders of the Inter-Youth Fellowship in Tanjay. There were a total of 18 youth leaders from the ages of 17 to 26 years old. (I’m still 26 by the way)

Viz was able to facilitate 2 getting to know you games that allowed the leaders get to know others and learn the value of thinking and unity to solve issues or problems. We had fun trying to untangle ourselves without cutting the rope.

I also did an activity that made them aware of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their plans in the future and the fears they have growing up.  We shared to them the importance of being honest and being there especially when the hard times comes in.

After letting them write down everything, I asked them to put their papers in the board forming a cross and reflect how our common ground, Jesus Christ did for all our fears and weaknesses and the essence of growing up with the strengths and good plans for our futures.

Another highlight was the tearing of the notes that they had. I gave each individual a piece of paper from another person, and asked them to tear it to pieces symbolizing trust and acceptance no matter what they did or will do in the future.

It was a perfect opportunity to share what we have learned through the years as a leader and we are all the more excited to know how we can help out with the team in creating their vision and goals for the rest of the year and early of 2010.


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