CitiPointe Live Worship Concert Experience

CitiPointe Worship concert was a blast!

I had the opportunity to join the worship concert last night courtesy of Mark and Greg’s generousity! Both chipped-in to buy the P 300.00 tickets for me since I didn’t have the means to do so. Well, these guys know that if I have money, it will always be “libre” time with all of the youth. And I’m not saying 5 or 10, I’m saying the 25-30 young individuals Viz and I are handling in our church.

So, it does pay to be generous to them. 🙂
Anyway, back to the concert.

There were only a few hundreds who rallied to join the said event and if I am to estimate, it didn’t reach 500. But it’s still the same, the intensity and the atmosphere just to be in the presence of God was so real that it seems that the Macias Sports Complex was jampacked with youth, yuppies and the older generation.

Songs were kinda new to my ears, but when you get to learn singing songs from the heart, the words just kind of relate to you and your situation that you just can’t stop your hands from raising and your eyes from closing as you lift your face to heaven. (Tell me, If I sound weird already…)

I was able to record the last few minutes of the concert because I didn’t know my phone can get a good visual out of it. (Stupid me!) And yes, I forgot to save it in my USB as I went to work. Arghhhhh!!!!

I’ll upload the video hopefully tonight if I have the time and share with the rest of you the experience in being there!

One of the great songs you can hear from them is “You Reign” which speaks about God as Lord over all things in creation and all created things. I’d like to share it here and may you be blessed by it! 🙂

CitiPointe Live, has a unique sound that break down barriers of generation and race. Their songs are simple and direct to the point and it speaks of who God is and their desire to see the nations and the earth to worship their creator.For believers and non-believers, this is one band I’m eyeing to watch again as it’s a “new sound” from heaven!

I am also blessed to how passionate Aaron is in sharing the Word of God, I believe he speaks as a radical christian who is not into tradition and the status quo but of the greater good for the glory of God! He is not just a worshipper but also a Man of the Word, a perfect combination indeed!

With that being said, I believe I need to download their album as soon as possible!


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