Of Excercise and Diets

I’m up early today for the second run of my excercise goal to lose some weight. 🙂 I did brisk walking and excercise for 45 minutes today and decided to have breakfast at McDonald’s. It’s been awhile when I came here for a meal and just enjoy their free wifi.

Okay, so I mentioned excercise, do I have to mention that I am also watching the food I’m eating?

For the past 2 weeks now, I am also trying to eat skyflakes for breakfast and dinner (sometimes, no dinner at all!). I have this notion that I am gaining weight and that I have to take the fats off as soon as possible. Well, I have been stubborn actually, I was advised by my family to keep it slow in eating because I am beginning to explode. Don’t worry folks, I’m eating a full meal during lunchbreak!

Perhaps, you’re wondering if I really look big since my pictures shows me as average. Or simply put, I’m just posing with my good angles so the weight doesn’t appear. Hehehe… Yes and No, it’s a dilemma seeing yourself thin in pictures because no matter what I do, I really look thin in the camera. ( Feeler!)

I checked my weight last Monday and it says that I lost some pounds and I hope it will continue. (I’ll check my weight again today and update this post with the actual weight that I have so as to document my weight lost…)

So, for those reading this blog entry, wish me luck!


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