The New Blog Layout!

Hi Everyone!

I finally made the changes I was babbling about and my new blog is up and running!

If you noticed, when you’re using when browsing to my web blog, the new website will appear whereas using my old wordpress link – will lead you to the old Melankoliko website.

The reason for the “lipat-bahay” again is the latest experience of being deleted twice because of the TOS policy. If I am to double check, the contents of my blog were clea. Only when I got their feedback that the link of the picture I got a hold of to one particular post did the damage.

A few things I still need to learn from the new domain are the following:

  1. How to place the featured articles on the upper part of the website. It’s actually the highlight of this template and I’m having a hard time learning how to place it there.
  2. Getting my statistics to the old site from the new one. :( If I remember correctly, I can’t get back my statistics but I’ll try my best to get the 5, 023 ( the latest figure) back as soon as possible. But then, if ever I can’t get it, then I am stuck with having a fresh start. :(
  3. Learning how to create my own templates as to get the desired outcome from my mind. Hopefully, I’ll learn more a year or two perhaps. :)

So, please do comment about the new layout and hopefully, you’ll come back again to read my posts!

For my fellow bloggers, please add – and delete the old link –

Thank You WordPress and hello new layout!!! :) :) :)


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