Of Leadership and Responsibilities

I just got out from the youth meeting for the inter-youth fellowship. To my surprise, I was the one who facilitated the meeting and discussed a lot of other issues from dating to church-hopping.

Just to share with you, the Ministerial Fellowship of Tanjay gave their approval in realizing a long dream for their youth – an inter-denominational organization who can strengthen, uplift and develop the different potentials of their leaders. I am excited for this project!

To be honest, I like the group ( a total of 15 youth leaders) from the different churches in Tanjay joined the event plus another 60 plus youth who joined the pre-launch fellowship. This is a big number if you tell me. The pastors were also there and I was blessed to know they fully support the said gathering. It was surprising to expect only 20 youth to be present to an 80 young and vibrant young people from the different churches.

I was also ask to exhort and share the benefits of fellowship and the opportunity impart something to this new breed of leaders in the christian community.

I have to admit, it’s humbling enough to know that I still have the charisma, the personality and the mindset of a servant-leader. I thank the Lord that He is indeed faithful to let me grow in many ways to mature with my God-given potential.

For the 3rd time, I said “No” in becoming a leader. I guess I work effectively out of the core group.  I am not saying I’m not available but my vision is to see young people to rise up as leaders and I believe part of the plan is giving the authority to someone else.

Please pray for me guys, I am being asked to become the adviser, together with Viz and the pastors of the ministerial fellowship. I am all the more excited how  Viz and I can help out with the core group, developing this new breed of leaders for God’s glory!

Thank You For Reading!


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