Another Long Weekend Up Ahead!

It’s seems that we have another long weekend up ahead as Arroyo declared Monday, September 7th, 2009 a national non-working holiday for the burial of Manalo, the founder of Iglesia Ni Cristo in the Philippines.

This is the 3rd long weekend I have for less than a month, isn’t that amazing?! We don’t often get straight weekends for another half a century I guess.(LoL,Just exaggerating)

With a longer rest day, I decided to do some stuff over the weekend that may entail so much of my time and energy. Here are a few things I have in mind –

  1. Find time practicing for the songs our Pastor is asking us to sing tomorrow… 😦 Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any lyrics online and I am pretty much humming the song with the wrong lyrics in mind. Hehehe, practice is at 3pm this afternoon. Wish me luck!
  2. Move my blog to somewhere else… Well, I already did. (Thanks to L.A. of Madapakasheet)I just need to finalize and get acquainted with the site’s amenities. 😦 I’m having nosebleed with byethost uploading and techie stuff. May need to borrow a “Byethost for Dummies” book somewhere…hehehe. Before I forget, L.A. still owe me the procedure in uploading the template. Hehehe, L.A.? (Demanding…) Another thing, I still need to categorize all posts in order for me to use the template I’m eyeing at. Dang!
  3. Get serious with my diet… Hhhmmm…yes, I’m on a diet. I want to be slim again. Unfortunately, I look slimmer in the cam. And I kinda wonder why…hehehe… Oh, I know, my friends are scolding me but I’m having skyflakes -oatmeal flavor for breakfast and dinner during weekends and regular meal during weekends. Hehehe…I’m not sure if this the correct one though. Haayz…

Well, those are my 3 goals for this weekend and hopefully, I’d get to do all of them. I consider them as urgent and undeniably, important. 😉

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!


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