Correcting Myself In Prayer

I was listening to some Christian contemporary worship when a Spanish rendition of “Heal Our Land” by Don Moen played. As the singer sang the song in her native language, it made me reflect on the issues our country is facing and what the bible speaks about these things. The message of the song is plainly simple, and I believe many Filipinos heard the song before when Jamie Rivera gave her own rendition for the song.

You may have read a lot of times here in my blog about politics, the situation of our country and the like, and might not heard me talk about what I have to say as a Christian with the current situation. I’d like to share it now to you, and I know not everyone will believe what I have to say about this, but please do continue reading.

The Philippines, as a Christian nation

The Philippines brag itself as a Christian nation all across Asia and yet, we are in the Top 10 list of the most corrupt officials in the government, not to mention the poverty stricken land and challenges we have with work and unemployment. How can we turn to God in such a dilemma as this?

For a country that is in the brink of poverty and a government engulfed in the cloud of corruption and political unrest, can a country really come back to God and humble itself to His Creator?

Going Back to the Basics of Prayer

There have been a lot of prayer rallies, national and local prayer movements created to continually pray for this country, and I am quite confused whether there is an improvement of our corporate efforts in praying for our beloved country.

So, what does it have to do with my blog post today?

I believe that being a Christian and a Filipino at the same time has a special calling from the Lord. Our calling is to pray for this country until we see the hands of God move mightily in this place and see the nation change its course from destruction to righteousness and experience the abundance of God’s promises.

 Our corporate prayers can do so much, but praying for our country in secret is as effective as being in gatherings. Praying in secret, like what Jesus did, can do wonders as well. And I guess, that’s what I lack, I find so much time gathering in prayer with other believers but I’m not finding time to be alone and really pray, without the eyes of our pastors and others for the country that we love and live in.

 Praying alone and away from people is an opportunity for us to just be ourselves and be true to what we want this country to become – to what we know and what we can say in behalf of this nation.

Correcting Myself In Prayer

 I am not saying that corporate praying or joining prayer rallies is bad or ineffective – I believe it is effective and is needed in the body today. Simply put, prior to this post is the encouragement for my fellow believers to pray for the unreached people groups in the Muslim world, only to realize that I failed even to constantly pray for our country. And that’s why I am correcting myself and repositioning my priorities in prayer as well.

I also understood that praying for my country means, identifying myself as part of the problem. What I’m trying to imply is that my pride allowed me to identify the flaws of other people making me fail to see my own small flaws as a person, as a Pinoy. With that realization comes the first step for change – bowing down and praying, and ask for forgiveness in behalf of this nation. I have realized that I need to repent and do something to get this country back to its feet, and not just whine like I used to before.

I guess that’s what I failed to see, what we Filipinos all fail to see. We only see the flaws of the goverment, the mistakes of the politicians and the problems of the Filipino people but failed to lift it up in prayer and ask God do something about it to change the situation and do something about it. We are fond of all talks and less doing!(Ouch!)

In ending this long post, may I encourage you to have the will to pray for our country not only today, but to constantly makes it part of your priority list whether in corporate prayer gatherings or just at home before you go to bed.

Thank you for reading!


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