I’m A Kid of the 90’s!

Lunchtime can be a really enjoyable past time for working people like us. It’s that time of every day chores that we sit down, relax and enjoy good food. For my co-workers and I, it’s also a time for a good conversations that revolves around anything.

Yesterday was a different one, it was a time to reminisce our experiences growing up and the fun we all experienced. Well, I remember myself wanting to grow up fast and become an adult. Now, I want to turn back time and enjoy being at the carefree world of the “bulilits” where there is no other problem to dwell on other than the first needs of a kid.

Going back to what we’ve discussed, we found out that growing up in the 90’s would mean the same games, food and shows to watch. Here are a few things that we’d talk about that might remind you of your childhood as well.




                        Tumbang preso

                        Chinese garter


                        Brick game















                        Power Rangers


                        Dragon Balls

Of course, the list could go on from these things to a dozen other things childhood from the 80’s and 90’s bring. It was a fun time, and if I’d rather choose from the kids do today from where we are before, I’d be proud to say – I’m a kid of the 90’s and am not going to change all that! 


4 thoughts on “I’m A Kid of the 90’s!”

  1. Hello there, I have just read a identical content on articlepool.com. Do you have any kind of affiliation with different web sites?¿

    1. Hi Sherie,

      I don’t remember posting in the said website and I’m not affiliated to any of them. Can you share me the link to verify if it has the same content as what you say the article was?


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