So, What’s Happening in Dumaguete?

It’s August and any local would know that August is the time when Silliman University bags the month with their Founder’s Day activities!

According to the University’s official portal – 

Silliman’s Founders Day is a major event in Dumaguete City. Alumni return to the University from different parts of the country and the world to rekindle memories of campus life and walk through developments on campus.

Among the highlights of this year’s Founders Day, with the theme “Living in Justice, Mercy and Humility with God” (click here to access the Founders Day Calendar) are theParada Sillimanianaon August 27 and the Sunrise Service and Outstanding Sillimanian Awards Convocation on August 28.

Silliman University was founded on August 28, 1901 by Presbyterian missionaries headed by Dr. Sutherland Hibbard and wife, Laura (click here to read about Silliman’s history).

 It’s going to be a fun time again here in Dumaguete since a lot of people will be flocking during the night time to gaze upon the excitement of one of the oldest University in the Country! In addition to the said event, August 21 ( Ninoy Aquino Day) and 31 (National Heroes’ Day) are recognized non-working holidays for the country.  I believe this will add up to the number of tourists and alumnus to come home and join Silliman’s annual celebration!

I’m planning my vacation leave during these 2 holidays to have a longer rest and a possible out of town activity. 😀


4 thoughts on “So, What’s Happening in Dumaguete?

  1. Silliman is just a good emblem to be printed on certificates, yet it does not guarantee that all its students are intelligent. there are still other schools out there with talented people.

    I am not from Silliman too….hehehehehe

    I was a seminarian.. 😀

  2. Yup, i agree with you on that one. Although the school does have the amenities but its students often neglect these opportunities doing other things. And yes, I know some of those people…hehehe…

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