“Aliens” Among Us at McDonald’s…

It’s Saturday and a start of a great weekend! I woke up early today at 3:00am just to go online and later on, took a bath and decided to have my breakfast at McDonald’s. And guess what, the store was closed when I got there! I entirely forgot that they open at 6:00am in the morning and I was 15 minutes early!

Good thing that the boyfriend of my good friend Nanz called and we talked a little bit about life and updates about their 8 months (and ongoing…) relationship.It was nice to know Nanz’s boyfriend and the things going on about their relationship.

When the store opened, there were a couple of people waiting in line for the door to get open. I noticed that there were foreigners also who were with Filipina’s. And kinda wonder, is this all Filipinas can do? Look for easier opportunity by hooking up with old foreigners?

I am not against such relationships since I have aunties who are happily married with foreigners. I just hate the idea that foreigners are rampant in Dumaguete looking for brides who are 3-in-1 ( wife, maid and assistant!).

Forgive me to eavesdrop, but I just overheard a 70 year old fat guy flirting with one of the service crew here in McDo, and here’s what the conversation was:

Foreigner: How are you?

Service Crew: I’m fine…

Foreigner: That’s good to know…

Service Crew: Where’s your girlfriend?

Foreigner: I don’t have one…

Service Crew: Really? What happened to the girl you were with last week?

Foreigner: She left me.

Service Crew: Oh so she stayed with you so that she can study in college…

Foreigner: Mumbling something…

Service Crew: Oh ok, bye now.

Hahahaha! Poor old foreigner, thought he could score with the girl!

The girl’s voice was a bit loud so it seems that everyone was able to hear what she said. Although it was a bit harsh, it was a good call. That sure taught him a lesson never to flirt early morning in a public place!

The reality that Dumaguete is being filled with foreigners is not a bad idea, but when these foreigners started doing something else, it leaves a bad impression to locals. Don’t get me wrong, I am not generalizing everything here. There are those who are really helping out the community but then again, majority here are doing something else. The goverment, I believe should take action on how to reprimand these “aliens” living among us.


13 thoughts on ““Aliens” Among Us at McDonald’s…

  1. tsk tsk. i understand where you’re coming from. srsly, if you check out Internet cafes, there are a lot of women trying to hook up with foreigners via YM or something. I even saw one transvestite trying to fool somebody by blurring the webcam. LOL oh well.. you can’t sweep them out of Dumaguete though. They do contribute to the amount of sales stores have. Hahahahha jk!

  2. “There are those who are really helping out the community but then again, majority here are doing something else.”

    Dude with all due respect, what’s your basis that MAJORITY of them are doing something “else” and by “else”, what do you mean? Pardon me for my ignorance but I don’t think the government is to be blamed for these “aliens” to live among us. Trust me, dude. Some of them that I talked to loves Dumaguete not because of the promising “sex-tourism” in this city but because of the simplicity of life and the laid-back lifestyle in Dumaguete.

  3. It is a reality that Dumaguete is filling up with the kind of foreigners who are looking for Pinay brides…I have three foreigner neighbors in my neighborhood alone, although they’ve been living here for years na. Although most of them are good and responsible and they treat their wives very well, naa rajud uban who are in here for the seedier side of Dumaguete. And it’s not just Pinay women… young girls are getting involved as well. I once stumbled through a website with a forum where male foreigners discussed the best places in Dumaguete to bring call girls in the wee hours of the morning, and which hotels and pension houses to avoid if they wanted to room calls girls in. SCARY!

  4. @Lurchie – that’s kinda true.
    @L.A. – Yup,when i said majority,i was talking about foreigners looking for instant wife to be…and I was not talking about sex tourism and blaming the government…i’m really sorry bout that, but as a prelude, i said naman I’m not generalizing everything…
    @ joselle – uhm,yup, i also heard of those kind of stories…what’s the web add of the forum? LoL…

  5. Now, that is really true. Dumaguete can do without these foreigners. In fact, I am peeved because these aliens also affect the local economy – that means that lot prices are up because of potential foreign-buyers, most beach resorts are owned by aliens, and, yes, everywhere you look, you’d surely see an alien. I wish they were Martians – at least they’d be cute 😀

  6. @joy- yup, yup…martians are cute! the lot prices rose up after a lot of foreigners started investing in resorts or buying private places near the beaches. There’s this one website before that sells these lots for more than the actual prizes! My aunt who was searching for a beach lot was shock upon knowing that the website added almost 100k for the lot.

  7. @ Angela – Yup,yup! My 3 aunties are married to Australians and Americans, and they are well loved and taken care of! 🙂 Makes me wonder, are you half-whatever? hehehe…

  8. Angela U.

    No, I’m Filipino all the way 😀 But I’m a Cali girl 🙂

    I’m happy for your aunties then 😀 The thing you said about the “3 in 1” wife is hillarious. I guess that’s one way to look at it. LOL. Filipino marriages hardly end up in divorce so I guess that’s another reason why they look for Filipina wives.

    I remember my older cousin telling me to marry a Filipino straight out of the islands who has a simple lifestyle and no debts (unlike everyone in America) for the same reason. lol

  9. Hahaha…that’s good to know.

    That was a good advice from your auntie, but I’d really believe that when truly love comes in, it breaks down all barriers and culture. 😉 Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Appreciate it very much!

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