Being A Negrense and Of Talents

I watched the Buglasan Festival before and learned a lot about the festivals in the province that I can be proud of.  I’m from Negros and it was my first time hearing about the different festivals Negros towns has to offer and some interesting facts about the different tourist spots in the area. 

We Negrenses depict a great deal about our culture, tradition and knowledge of what God has bestowed Negros with, not just with nature but with it’s people.

One thing I’ve noticed about our festivities is that we are fond of pageantry. Try to see noontime shows and yearly celebration of fiestas and among other things and you’ll find out that competitions like “Little Miss Philippines” and among others is part of the top 3 major activities in any celebration.

Filipino Pageantry as a Laughing Stock

Lately, I’ve noticed something in our pageants that is becoming a laughing stock not just of foreigners but to many of us as well. I believe if this issue is corrected, winning won’t be just about our  faces and wits, but of a strong market of both beauty and brains (and that includes men, folks.)

What Am I Talking About?

Aside from the fact that Filipino pageantry is more about beauty and tourism, wits and glamor and the battle of not just the faces but of knowledge. I am more impressed on how the candidates in pageants answered the questions from the panel of judges. To say the least, I like the way they articulate it and in fluent english. 

Forgive me if this will sound rude, but I just cant stand the fact that most of our candidates are not well versed with the english language. I often hear a candidate’s english filled with – wrong grammar, bad pronunciation and that’s just to name a few. ( And my recruiter instinct started to run…)

So, what does pageants got to do with my blog post today?

I’m proud that Negrenses has a lot to offer about nature, it’s people and heritage but I believe we still needs a few more honing in speaking in English. A lot of people may think I’m discriminating my own kind but I’m not. Negrenses, like other Filipinos has been exposed to a lot of english classes yet we still manage to have this problem with the i/e,a/e,o/u.

Although I have to admit that I myself is not perfect when it comes to speaking well in English, I find it a challenge to converse freely and openly and if I may have the right term, smooth flowing.

A Sad fact about YOU and ME

As I said earlier, we have been exposed from Kinder to College with English that seems to be a subject being reviewed again and again and again in order for us to grasp the right tone, pronunciation, grammar and spelling of words.

Sometimes the problem is not with the school system but the students itself. I remember myself skipping my english subject because I thought I know everything about it. Good thing for me I was able to pass the subject by beating all odds when taking exams (and I’m not talking about cheating,okay?)

As what I’ve noticed, A lot of students tends to think that developing what their good at will help them progress which I believe is true and factual but we also need to face the challenges of the things we need to improve with and exert more effort than what we are giving for our best assets.

Becoming a Global Market of Talents

Negrenses to be globally competitive must take on the art of communicating well in english seriously. Any businessmen, government officials and big and small time employees must understand the need of thinking out of their own small boxes and getting the picture of the entire globe as the customer. What better way to be an international spotlight than having the right tools? And the right communication skills if I may add.

I’m basically not saying were poor in English in a whole sense but that we are poor in communicating well in english. Yes, Negrenses has a lot to offer with talents and skills but it also needs to be a competitive market where its communication skill directed to a global crowd wherein basic means is not in the vernacular but in English language.

A Challenge For Us

Be proud to be a Negrense, it’s not something to be ashamed of. Let us help out fellow Negrenses achieve their dreams in life, help out any ways and means we can to increase the potential in us to be a competitive market for a global calibre of workforce, especially in educating and harnessing our own talents with the right and proper way of speaking in English.

Do we really have what it takes to be globally competitive even when we are here in Negros? That my friend, I leave to you to discover.


3 thoughts on “Being A Negrense and Of Talents

  1. Haha…thanks for the comments po!

    I believe that the Filipinos has a lot to offer, our challenge is how to groom our people for the worldwide market.

    I wasn’t able to see that Mark Logan segment, sayang!

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