Dumaguete Resto: Gabby’s Bistro

Dumaguete has a lot to offer when it comes to food and variety. Not only do our restaurants here are cheaper than other places like Cebu or Manila, but it’s definitely booming with quality!

We were going to one of our favorite restaurants last night when Lora, our team mate from Cebu told us that there are a lot of restaurants in Dumaguete, and that she bets the food are as nice as their name suggests.

I have to agree with what she said. Locals are fond of eating, and should I say extravagantly. If you don’t believe what I just said, try strolling around the Rizal boulevard area and you’ll find a dozen of places you can eat your heart out – Mamias, Coco Amigos and Don Atilano’s is a walk away from the busy sidewalks of the famous boulevard.

I have to admit that these restaurants are expensive in the local setting but for tourists and explorers it’s pretty damn cheap compared to where they came from.

To mention that, I decided to try out sharing some places in Dumaguete where there’s good food and yet, not too costly. I’m not saying “cheap” because locals like me would define cheap as less than P 50.00, hehehe. Hopefully, I can share more places later on within the year if my pocket permits me. 🙂

I’ve already thought of a lot of restaurants to share but I’d like to start with the usual place my workmates hang-out to when we have “aliens” among us (referring to outside help from other sites).

Gabby’s Bistro

I have to admit that I just knew of this place early this year but I am starting to enjoy and is getting addicted with the place and the ambiance. Although the location is a bit far from the usual downtown area, this place rocks right from the grill.

The ambiance of the place is unique from the other restaurants in the area, which I would say, is beneficial to the many yuppies like us after a hard and long day at work. And there are a lot of colors and eccentric designs that can cool down your eyes and your head.

I’ve been in Gabby’s a couple of times during the summer time and one good observation is that the usual people that hangs around are the students and yuppies from the 17 and up bracket. So, with that, I have to say that Gabby’s Bistro is one of the coolest places to hang-out and relax for the preppies and yuppies alike.

What’s New with Gabby’s Bistro

Last night, the team decided to have our dinner in Gabby’s and I noticed that the adjacent area of the restaurant has been fully developed. After dinner, the gang decided to explore the new area and since I have my faithful digital camera with me, I took some pictures of the coffee – pizza –crepe area in one.


Here are other cute pics that I got from the place –




To end up, Gabby’s Bistro is one good place to hang-out if you want to fit in the not “so old” crowd and enjoy. Unfortunately, I didn’t include any review about the food because I want you to taste it for yourself and see how you would agree to the growing numbers of fans from the young chef himself, Gabby del Prado.

What are you waiting for? Go there and try it out! 😉


Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Dumaguete Resto: Gabby’s Bistro

  1. I must admit that I love the atmosphere at Gabby’s, and I love the artwork, the decor, and all the knicknacks you can find..

    However, the food has not yet hit it right for me.. I think it must be my timing. LOL

  2. glamchick

    i agree with lurchie, ambiance is great and very comfy. but the food is not that to die for. small serving and the price is not right for the taste and everything. have tried most of the dishes and it didnt fit my fancy. try Entings just a few walk away from sta theresa main. now thats what i call a sumptuous meal.. lets have dinner there cuz

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