A Simpleton’s View About Philippine Politics

The Philippine Politics

Philippine politics is one of the worst arenas of corruption and malpractice. I hate to be blunt about it but every Filipino could give an example anywhere they are. For years, the government has been the butt of all jokes with corruption and greediness. Many of us, here and abroad, lost trust in the body of people who are suppose to rule over us and protect our rights and improve our society.


Although I’m not an optimist when it comes to politics, I don’t want to lose hope in seeing this country rise up not just in poverty but also in righteousness and good governance. And still, I’m praying for one to rise in that particular need.

The 2004, 2007 and 2010 Elections

The upcoming 2010 election stirs a lot of controversies because of the CONASS and the relative issues of the corruption and bad governance of the country to date. Not to mention that the current updates coming from both local and international surveys showing the Philippines as part of the top most corrupt government in the world today.

Many people wants change and they’re doing everything and anything just to make that happen. Government officials who were placed in power for the last 2 elections is driving this country wild and mad.

I’m afraid I’m not just pin pointing the president as of this writing but all those who failed to address the need of the country and make use of their authority for the greater good.

Come to think of it, I have my own failures as well. I did write in my ballot the names that are most in power today, and I see the mistakes as vivid as I wrote the names of those in higher authority.

The Role Media Plays for the Elections

I hate to admit it, but the only avenue for a simple native like me for information to the elections would be through media and the things I’d hear from people. These are the 2 most common grounds to pin out the best among these candidates is to be digging in to for the 2010 elections.

Our media has been one of the strongest tools during elections. Advertisements and write-ups will soon rise as 2009 ends and 2010 starts. Both good and bad media publicity will definitely bombard us to the who’s who of the 2010 elections. Of course the media conglomerates would definitely eat out this opportunity to earn money. Sad to say, many politicians will also use this avenue to promote themselves.

I strongly believe that media will play the bigger chunk for the 2010 elections and it would be as hot as ever. I wouldn’t be shock when I would hear jingles and testimonials later on this year from these individuals to how and why they can change this country. Of course exposes and documentaries would linger into the odds of being in the political limelight as well.

The Role of the People

Like any other country, its people play a major role in the elections. Without the people, there will be no people in power. Our constitution believes that the person in authority has been given for the people and of the people.

With that being said, I would like to remind anyone who’s reading this that if it’s not because of you and me ( or because of them…), that person shouldn’t be wasting our taxes and keeps on babbling about issues and yet not doing anything to uplift the situation of the country.

What do I mean by that?

It’s because many of us are delighted to receive gifts during elections. And sometimes, money speaks better than our conscience that we vote for them. I have to admit that this doesn’t work just in presidential elections but that it happens all the time. The amount and people varies but the situation doesn’t.

I hope that by next election, our minds would get ahead of us rather than the money we get because a minimum amount costs us too much for the next 4 or 5 years.

The Role of our Votes

I could speak of the many difficulties our nation is facing because of so many scandals and cases that have been put into motion because of graft and corruption. But in the end, it all boils down to the fact that we put them in office and we possibly and unconsciously voted for the wrong person.


I remember the times when Erap was president. People chose him to be president because of his popularity and unfortunately, the same people that chose him fed him to the dogs during the impeachment trial. Poor Filipinos rallied over EDSA fighting against oppositions only to be tossed to and fro from the invisible hands of cruel politics.

Let’s face it; Filipinos are sometimes blind during elections – blinded by money that is. We tend to sell our votes to who can give higher and better not realizing the outcome of such acts. I remember relatives receiving P 50.00 to P 500.00 just to vote for a crooked politician. Although, I have to admit that I too received some money, but in the end, what I wrote there was not bias to whom I truly believe could make a difference in our city, and in the country itself.

Choosing the right person to be in power may require effort in research and probing. One of the questions I asked before was “how did this person affect my life here in the province?”  My main point is to see and understand that if these people did not affect me before, for sure, they won’t in the future. We need to understand the need to do basic investigation for such candidates. Observing them and the people they are with can be one avenue to probe their cause.

We need to take time to listen to the news, research about them and what other people perceives about them. This way, it lessens our being “blind” during elections and increases having a fair and honest election.

Our votes important because it can either make history repeats itself or make the changes we always dreamed of during elections. One vote can be nothing, but then again, when summed during the tallying, one vote can give a newbie a break, a good official another term to continue his efforts or a trapo another chance to do it again, and the corrupt and greedy in power forever.

Our votes can make a difference, regardless of what we choose, it depicts entirely of how we want this nation to change. And one single vote, a wise vote that is, can give change and hope a chance to pave its way to the country we all live and love.

I guess I have said enough about elections and how its result determines the outcome of the country a few years from now. I just hope, we as Filipinos choose what is right and in doing so, wisely.


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