Boracay Here We Come!

All is set for the Visayas Team to go for a 2 nights stay in one of the coolest place to stay in the summertime – BORACAY!


This will be the first time for me to go there and I’m both excited and hesitant at the same time. And so, let me share to you what’s in my mind as of now:

I’m excited to…

get my feet on the sands of Boracay

explore the places

play under the sun

swim in the beach

spend fun time with friends and co-workers


I’m also hesitant because…

it will incur cost

i might not have enough cash on hand

i may think more on how to spend less rather than have fun

and it’s mainly because it’s my BIRTHDAY and I’m celebrating it away from my family!

I will surely miss Viz, my twin bro, who will celebrate it with me. It’s the first time after 26 years that I wont be celebrating my birthday at his side. But I did promise him that I’ll find time for us to get together after the outing.


But then again, I believe that this is one good chance for me to be independent in my birthday, and I still dont have plans on what to do during the date but I’m pretty sure I can make some noises for my birthday. 🙂

So, even with lots of aprehensions and excitement at the same time – BORACAY, HERE WE COME!!!


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