The New Look, The New Perspective

The Big Shift

And so it happened! I’ve changed the layout of my blog and it’s kinda dark and cool at the same time.  Well, I decided to have my old pic and make it a header for my blog with just a simple “Melankoliko” on the upper part. 

From the white background and cute negative effect on my pic comes the red and black effect with a picture of one of the good ol’ days.  Of course, all contents are still intact minus some of the widgets. 😉

Some Changes To Expect

As I said from my previous post, I’ll be making some good and hopefully, a better content for this blog. For 5 years, this blog has been all about my rants in life and how it affects me and what I feel about it. This time, I believe a good shift is at hand – Melankoliko will still remain my blog, only this time it will share stories, learning’s and current events.

I will try my best to post about  events, news, a book or movie review and stuff all about the world out there through my own wordings. But still, please address all contents coming from this blog as my own opinion. Anything that I will write or post in this blog will be how I view things and will be my own opininions. Of course, I will quote and acknowledge the right people if ever I’ll tag them along my articles or posts.

Same Old Me

The man behind Melankoliko will remain as he is, and of course, will change for the better. As every day comes a new experience for me, a lot of learning is on its way as well as all the uphills and downhills of life as a whole.

My main goal is to share my own life story and everything that comes my way – the learnings, the pain and the insight of how everything works for a melancholic-sanguine like me. And I hope, you will still continue to join me in this journey. 🙂

Have a great day ahead! 


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