Truth: Being True and Being Me

I guess one of the hardest thing in life is to be true to what you feel or think of as of the moment. Many times that I tried to just being true to myself and forget what other people may think or say, but in the end, I end up more twisted than ever.

TRUTH, in reality is a hard word to convey. Although it has one meaning in the dictionary it speaks of so many things about you that are sometimes in contrast to what you really feel, and may want to express.

TRUTH also allows people to hate you, think badly of you and I guess, condemn you because of that. Many people are really inclined to put you down because they want nothing more than just pulling you down. 😦

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – JOhn 8:32

The bible specifically speaks of truth as a weapon to set us free. I do agree about that, but in releasing and being in “truth” is hard and in contrary to what sometimes our emotions speaks of. But in any way, speaking in truth releases us from anxiety, lies and a troubled mind in hiding what really happened and of what really matters to us. It is an avenue of just being who we are and living in the freedom of God’s unfailing love and redemptive hands.

say the truth – in love and humility that people my be blessed and be redeemed.

I am still afraid of the truth not because of what it can reveal to me but because of what other people may say. I know it has to go someday and it should be sooner!I also know that living in truth is much way brighter than hiding in the lies of the mind. It will always be the battle against what really is truth and what our emotions tells us sometimes. Standing in between doesn’t even help.

Am I making an excuse to hide the truth? Yes, I am. I have to admit that in any way, I don’t have to have a good reason to say that or hide that from many people. It is and will always be a good starter to say the truth – in love and humility that people my be blessed and be redeemed.

It is my utmost prayer that  in Christ’s perfect timing, I will be able to accept the truth and release myself from so much confusion and fear not to mention, the pain it inflicts to myself. But there is a time for everything, and this time, it’s the time to practice in speaking in truth and being true to who I really am in Christ. 😉

Thank you very much for reading!


3 thoughts on “Truth: Being True and Being Me

  1. Concerned citizen

    I like this post! Just remember, haste makes waste, there’s always a perfect timing for everything. 🙂

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