No More Saturday Work!!!

At last work will not be toxic anymore! ( Uhm, at least for a month or two…hehehe!)

I just got the confirmation yesterday that we wont be having the Saturday duty  to process applicants. Although I find the news disturbing in a way, nevertheless, it means that I have less workload for the next few weeks. And it’s always great to be a slack sometimes especially when you’re always working until saturdays for the last 6 months or so. 😦

So, what can I do with an extra day off to work?

Of course, I will have the time to relax and go somewhere else again (and I’m thinking Bacolod…) since my vacation leave has been approved already! Wohoo!

Bacolod has been a cozy haven ever since I started with Sourcing and especially when toxicity is way too high. I’ve been there for 4 or 5 times already since last year, staying there for almost 3 days the most visiting friends and relatives. For this weekend, I plan to stay there for at least 2 days for fun and relaxation. A good friend invited me to Mambukal and I might accept the offer provided that I have the means to go there. (Of which I’ll know, not later than tomorrow afternoon. 🙂 )

For now, I still need to finish some reports and deal with some other stuff before that great and long weekend arrives! 😉 (Geeeshhh, I hope I won’t be toxic again!)

Thanks for reading!


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