Operation: Passion Hunting

I’ve been thinking lately on what to do that could stir some passion in me aside from blogging. It’s sometimes hard to think over what I can do productively these days with work lurking in most of the time. With the summer time closing in fast, I think I need to have time to enjoy and relax for awhile.

So, what can I do each day that can be a good avenue for fun and  enjoyment? And of course, become a stress reliever as well as productive!

There are 3 things in mind right now that I plan to do –

1. Photography – get into film those funny, wacky and happy moments in life. Of course, this will include photos such as plants, flowers and among other entities in this so called place we call home.As mentioned before, I’m planning to buy a professional camera but for now, I’d stick to my digital camera for this project. (Hahaha, as if I have time to stroll around and take some pictures!)

2. Tone down – I need to lose weight. It’s been bugging me in how I can lose some pounds especially that Bora days are coming! (Hahaha…) But to be honest, it’s making me lazy and sleepy (sakit sa baboy…) most of the time and it’s definitely unproductive on my part. ( Not to mention gaining pounds!)

3.  Read books – it’s been ages that I read a good (or even a bad one) book and I plan to dig deep with the piles of new books that I have and have not read even the introductory part. I may also go back to the “one book-one month” project as I really love to buy and keep books! ( Uhm, I need to get a hold of those books soon…wahahahah [devilish laugh!])

So, what now?

Uhm, actually I plan to do the 3 things I mentioned and I just need to conceptualize in how to manage doing all at the same time on top of work, blogging and among other stuff I think is important. LoL!


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