Manila: Part of Change…

I have been thinking seriously about relocating to Manila. Although it’s busy out there but the idea of living there for some time is definitely both a challenge and a chance to grow personally. My stay in Dumaguete (or in the province) is both enriching and rewarding but I believe it’s time to embark into a new journey.

I heard a lot of people questioning why people leave or why people choose to move on but the real idea is that it’s part of life. Leaving can and will always be an opportune time to grow and understand that change is constant. It’s also an avenue of molding oneself and creating afresh the things we want to do in life.

Yes of course, there are other things to consider before really going there like work and career opportunities as well as financial stability and many alike. But come to think of it, am I really ready to go back to the “world of busy streets and dangerous sidewalks”? (Sorry for that!)

Funny how growing up in Manila is different from what I see in the open streets. It felt more secure back then and come to think of it, why would I go to somewhere I am not acquainted with for so long? ( Another question!)

To the many people who are (assuming, You really are…) reading this blog entry, please share you’re thoughts about this. Although this is just a thought in the back of my mind, it might come to pass sooner than I can think of. (Cross Fingers!) So please do share some insight over the two questions.

Thanks for your reply!


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