My Blog- Bucket Full of Mishaps????

It’s been a week that I haven’t posted anything interesting in here. I am not pretty sure what to write, I tried doing it last night but I ended up just browsing and not really paying attention to what can be a good post. Grrr…

So, why post now? Actually, I still don’t know what to post…just trying to make my mind think of a better topic. And I think I have one now….or so I think. 😦

Come to think of it, I don’t really know what makes my blog interesting sometimes, at times I consider this as a bucket of heartaches, disillusioned opinions or let’s just say, a diary of every bits and pieces of mistakes that came into places for the last 5 or 6 (sick) years. Sigh…

And so, at the end of the post – I ended up depressed that my blog, for all it’s worth is just a bucket full of mishaps. 😦 But then again, it’s still worth the keeps…. 😉

And isn’t that GREAT?


4 thoughts on “My Blog- Bucket Full of Mishaps????

  1. ako rin naman, parang ganyan ang blog.. maraming kadramahan, maraming mga pangarap, maraming mga disappointments ang naisulat… pero worth the keep talaga kasi timeline na siya ng buhay ko..

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