Death…and Life?

I went home yesterday in Tanjay for an overnight rest at home. I was kind of tired the whole day because of so many things at work and in life as a whole. I just realized that I have been stuck with work for the last 5 days making me go home at wee hours of the night. I’m pretty sure I’m workaholic…

Also in the same day,  I received a text message that the cousin of my lolo died the other day, another friend from Cebu texted me that he’ll be coming home because his lolo died also. How unfortunate for me that I also witnessed an accident and the guy seems to be breathing for his last with blood spurting out of his mouth. 😦

Indeed, Life is short and living is shorter. With the many deaths I’ve been hearing, I kind of wonder what my death would be like. Of course, it does sound morbid but life will end, there’s no escape from it no matter how you run away from it.

Another weird question would be, has my life been meaningful and fruitful?

I know I have one life to live and it should be to please my Creator and King, but sometimes I wonder if my intimacy with the Lord is stronger than before or that I’m beginning to be the weakest link. I have come to evaluate my life and realized that life as I know it is work and sleep for the past 2 years with a little tidbit of ministry and relaxation. The bigger picture seems to be to beat deadlines and get perfect scores for performances.

Am I getting Ace also in Life as a whole?

I definitely think I’m Not getting the ACE I expect.  Finding balance with work-leisure-and anything else has become a predicament for me. I can really say I have lost my passion for living and doing the things I love most! And I must make some resolutions before this year ends!


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