A New Perspective

Today marks the 23rd Anniversary of the EDSA Revolt that ousted a dictator in our own country. Come to think of it, I was just two years old when that fateful revolt took place. I’m thankful for that day because it gives us the freedom that we have today.

I am no political know how or an advocate of any person. I simply admire their tireless effort and dedication to bring this country into the right track or so they say. I have one good question in mind right now, how can we make changes in perspective of creating change?

Earlier this week., I sent one group message encouraging people to share how we can create change and be a better advocate of righteousness aside from promoting someone for presidency. Christians, I believe should play vital roles in creating greater impact for change and righteousness. But I believe that there are other avenues and strategic ways we can do this.

As I said earlier, I am not into politics. I am no political activist or a columnist who shoots at the government mercilessly and distinctly.  With this in mind, I am also asking myself how I can make changes in my own little ways. As they say, great things usually start in the small things we do. So, here’s some list of to do’s and not to do’s I thought might help me create change.

  • Pray for significant people in the government.
  • Follow simple rules like the No-No’s – Jaywalking, Throwing of Trashes and the like.
  • Respect people of authority and in authority over me.
  • Let my christian beliefs prevail over my opinions about politics and social changes.
  • Study and learn more about our constitution and laws.

Well, I know there are a lot of other things I can write down, but I need commitment in doing these things so I decided to write down a few. 😉 Of course I can never promise to do everything but my prayers are to have the Lord change my perspective slowly and surely.  🙂


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