Weekend Naps and Resting Place

I had a late afternoon nap today and it was good! After not having enough sleep late last night, my body gave in to relax and rejuvenate strength in the mid-afternoon sunlight. Although I need to go back to work tomorrow, my whole sunday will be wise spent with the Lord and with family.

But ever since I started working, my weekends are mostly spent at Tanjay sleeping and at church. I force myself to go home even for an overnight just to rejuvenate. When my sister and her kids move back with us, it has been a routine to spend the weekend with Kuya Lanz and Baby ASh as well as stay home and relax. This has been the case for the last year or so when they came home. and I’m definitely LOVING IT! Hehehe…

I’ve come to realize that resting and finding the perfect spot requires the will to do so. I have stayed in Dumaguete for over 2 years now and I haven’t find the “rest” in the busy streets and the lonely weekends!I usually choose to go out and be at internet cafes very often than not.

For someone who works his guts out 5 days a week, I think my house at Tanjay is a good necessity to dealt with. Not just it takes time to go there, i usually spend money from fare to pasalubong to dinner outside and many many more but the satisfaction of relaxation, fellowship and good rest beats everything else!


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