Philippine,BAD NEWS?

The Philippine news has recently been making fuzz about so many bad news that sometimes I think there is no more bias than the news itself. I often wonder why hit rates always needs to be about corruption, grief and anything that creates fear, hatred and disillussionment for that matter.

 My blog aims to question one common mistake about media today (or news reporting) for that matter, and IT’S BAD NEWS! Is there anything worth spreading out other than the corruption and evil in this world?

I don’t think media has to focus so much about these stuff because it only makes it worst.

Of course, I believe its important to show the reality to people but I don’t think GOD created NEWS to bear always the BAD of the WORLD.  News, like what scripture has shed, should bring new hope, encouragement and upliftment to the situation of this world. 

Whereas media putting so much effort on heavy exposes, I suggest they focus also on the goodness of what is happening, the effort and help needed to get things done and of course, the encouragement for the people to make change. If media has strong influences as it says, it shouldn’t stay on the middle and must present not just EVIL coated schemes,but GOOD Juice and real-time solutions.


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