I just heard the news today that a lot of my co-workers are being kicked-out one by one. As much as I hate to admit that all COMPANIES are experiencing the GLOBAL CRISIS, but I really HATE LAYOFFS!!!

Do YOU Like to GET ONE?
Do YOU Like to GET ONE?

Of course, layoffs are normal with this present crisis, but informing them “YOU’RE FIRED” then and there is a little bit unprofessional and inhuman. Forgive me for the terms I’m using but with the things I’m hearing, I don’t believe being silent is a necessity.

So, what are the BAD things About LAYOFF’S?

Here are my thoughts about these –

  1. It disrespect people’s achievements – I always believe that there are a lot of people who are working their guts out just to have a living.  As much as we want to, people are hurt when all their efforts fall prey to “recession”.
  2. It fails to give hope – can you imagine a person just hearing a bad news about a person close to him? it’s momentarily shocking and then grieving. Let’s face it, people are people and when calamity strikes, it breaks our hearts and shatters our future.
  3. It  undoubtedly projects a BAD IMAGE – especially when you kick off people just as you kick out your “yaya”. Period.

But as much as I hate layoffs, the global economic crisis has and will continue to have its toils… 😦 And I’m not sure how to do about it…Hhhmmm…It makes me think, what can I do to make this mallady to STOP? (as I call it…)

Just sharing what I think is about true to me…I’m not sure about yours as well. SHARE NAMAN!


4 thoughts on “The BAD THING About LAYOFF’S!!!

  1. cowsandwaterlilies

    I totally agree with you. I was also saddened by the news (to the point that it made me eat thrice what I can normally digest).

    I think we all have the same sentiment on this issue. It’s sad but unfortunately I think we can’t do something about it right now, but we can still pray for the people who were greatly affected by this “urgent” layoff.

    – The Great Commenter. 🙂

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