The “Emo” Discussion!

Can we always fight our emotions?

Is our will over feelings practical as always?

I’m in a state right now wherein I am at a lost with my emotions. ALthough I’m not loosing my control over it, I tend to think doing otherwise and see what happens. Sad to say, my personality sometimes allow me to dwell more in the situation causing too much of  myself being down. Whew!

Back to my questions, Can we always fight our emotions?

I’d say “YES”. I always did that before and look at me now! Fighting our emotions is basically saying “no” to something I can personally benefit well and yet doesn’t have the courage to lose control over it. Being heartbroken sometimes allows me to close all doors to any opportunities in becoming intimate with someone. And as much as I’d like to say, that’s normal – IT’s NOT!

Second, Is our will over feelings practical as always?

No, it’s not but it can be beneficial. Haha… I know a lot will disagree with me on this. Falling in love is of the heart, many would say. But I still believe that thinking things over allows me to weigh the pro’s and con’s of an attached life. Although it has it’s own toils as well…like what my twin bro learned a few months ago, being afraid to say yes to someone often leads to being afraid to be with someone for the rest of your life. That’s hard, but I can still manage!

On a serious note, feelings is good but sometimes can blind us from the facts of life. It’s not dependable when we want to decide over something important in life. Of course, God created our emotions and everything that we feel. But also God created the will to choose what to do amidst the feeling and the action to “lord” over our emotions when the need arises. I know, it’s easier said than done, but that’s a fact of life, always is and always will be.


4 thoughts on “The “Emo” Discussion!

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