Choices We Make




It’s shameful sometimes that we often choose wrong decisions in life. To account for, I had a lot of wrong choices myself when growing up and up until now. I was wondering when will I choose to do the right things for the right reasons… Of course, most of my choices as well were for good reasons for myself but not necesarrily the suppposed right ones.

I believe this is one of the hardest in life growing up. You have to consider everything else aside from the outcome of it. And to a person who thinks too much, it’s a big possibility of re-thinking all over again. Whew.

But anyway, come to think of it, sometimes the choices we make reflects ourself being human, imperfect and prone to do the wrong things. And the question that should be reckoned with, is how to handle both pressure and outcome when everything rises in the surface? Hhhhmmm…truly one question that is hard to pass by.

To many of us, choosing wisely is not an option but a prerogative, but to a few certain individuals, choosing over something imparts fate of being a “happy go lucky guy”. Another one fact of life that’s true…

And why am I blogging about feelings and choices? Well, that’s because that’s what’s on my mind right now and I am torn between choosing to go straight in life, or have a few enroute as well. Of course, I’m not saying I’m backsliding…silly you!


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