StandPoints: About the Blog

I tried making a “What’s the Blog all about” in StandPOint and I decided to share it also here…Hhhmmm…I wonder if this is okay…What do you think?

Men and women alike have something to say over the critical issues of life. Whether we like it or not, the world revolves in so many idealism that sometimes we suffocate over which is true and correct to which is biblically acceptable?

To a generation bombarded with ideologies and peer pressure, how do we identify ourselves as a believer of Jesus Christ in this world? What are our own views in the inevitable realities of life in a broken and untamed world? Much more, how are we  to cope up with the things of this world without hurting ourselves in the process and being marred with sin?

These are some of the questions our young generation has to face everyday. And as a young christian, whatever are our standpoints or point of views in the reality of the world we live in brings impact in our life and the community as well. Whatever we speak or taught of must and always should be in the light of the scriptures. Young or old, our stand should be the in the standpoint of God’s Word itself.

StandPoints is an e-magazine for the filipino youth that aims to provide articles and stories to both encourage, uplift and equip the young generation of today to the challenges of becoming and being a believer in such a time as this. We hope to bring clarity and hope to this broken generation creating change and impact to each person that visits the site.


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