Quick Blog Recap!

It’s weekend once again and I cant wait to go home and just relax and stay tuned for awhile. It sure was tiresome!

For a recap, I have been very busy on 3 most important things in my life right now –

  1. My Work – I’ve been momentarily glued with my sourcing plan for the whole year and it was good to know I was able to create plans that could suffice the entire quarter for this year.
  2. My Blog – I was able to check my blog and the hits increased 90 plus more yesterday. I am also currently in the making of another blog ( StandPoints ) to be co-authored by friends.
  3. My health – I’ve been watching what I’m eating recently and careful not to be stressed out so much about work.

Well, it’s friday night and I have nothing in mind on what to do over the next few hours but blog! I’m becoming a blogaddict this new year…I wonder why.

Just to inform also that I received a timely gift from Kathy, my friend and colleague at work – a 2009 daily planner and calendar! Whew, I was planning to buy one but good thing she beats me in that. Less cost for this month. Wahehehe…

Talk To You Later… Ciao!


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