Gifts Anyone???

People from all ages expects something this Christmas season. And to us Filipinos, it’s the giving and receiving of gifts that makes this season a far better celebration than fiestas and other festivities in this part of the world.

 When I was a kid, I was expectant to have the gifts from all my aunts, godparents and all…It was a time for me when counting my money and gifts an important part of my Christmas day.  And then goes the reality of growing up. The giving of gifts tend to go overnight and I end up receiving nothing at all.

 Hahaha… do I sound like a child who’s jealous at other kids getting gifts this Christmas?

 Understanding the times means knowing that my aunt’s priorities are with the little kids-my nephews and niece and my little cousins. Economic struggles tend to disclose grown-ups like me the necessity to be given gifts, knowing I’m old enough and understand the situation at hand. Hahaha, but I don’t deny the fact that I still want to receive gifts this Christmas!

 And to all those who are grown-ups and working like me, cheer-up! Life doesn’t end at Christmas and besides, you can buy stuff for ourselves which I believe is one gift not bestowed to everyone else. 🙂


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