A Testimony of Grace

Christmas is the time of the year where I usually share my testimony of how good God is in my life and what my journey has become as a believer. Amazingly, this marks the 10th year of having a personal relationship with my Savior and King. Indeed, many things has come and gone when I first said “yes” to the invitation of making Him my Lord.


When I look back and reminisce about how the Lord has allowed me to grow and learn about how to become a better follower of Him, I am in awe that such things could never be done without His favor and guidance, much more of His grace and mercy. Every opportunity that I had was an imprint of God’s faithful demeanor of HIM being in control.


Of course, my Christian walk is and will never be easy. I had a few bumps and bruises as I choose to do my own way. This left a lot of scars in the past that up until now remains rampant at times of melancholy. These times are times to just be silent and accept the fact of being human full of mistakes in need of a savior.


But in many ways, I have seen the Lord’s hand giving favor and opportunity to share, pray and encourage my own generation as well. A typical time of sharing with the youth at our church brings encouragement and comfort that all is not at a lost indeed when we serve Him.


Comfort and encouragement also comes in a variety of ways when I was growing up but none compares to the encouragement of what His Word says in every circumstances I’ve been through. Tough times usually ends up questioning not the “Why’s” but the “What’s” in life – which entirely pertains to what is the outcome rather than the reason behind the situation.


God has also been so favorable when it comes to my work. Although I’m basically workaholic, I still believe its God’s wisdom and grace that allowed me to become excellent (if I have to rate myself) in everything that I did this year pertaining to work. I honestly believe that God wants me to be a testimony of having to do with excellence at the workplace under His grace alone.


What can I say more about the Lord’s goodness? May I just declare David’s own words in Psalms 27:13 as my own as an ending–

“I am still confident of this:

I will see the goodness of the LORD

in the land of the living.”

Still, I believe that as long as I live, I will always see God’s hand on me and my life and He’s forever praised for these things. Amen.


Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas to You!



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