What Makes a REAL Man?

It has been long debated of what marks a man. is it the way he moves? the words he speaks or even the good or the bad things he decided to do makes him a real man?

To many of us, a man showing emotions can be a very evident fact of him being a wimp, a sissy or a failure. Regardless of what their reasons are, men has been regarded as strong and invulnerable to emotional attacks. But sometimes, these facts or fallacies sometimes become scapegoats to showing what’s real and what’s true in all aspects of being a man. And should I add – A REAL MAN.

A real man for me is someone who has the capacity to show care and comfort to whom he loves. Much more, show teardrops when the situation needs it.

For such a long time, crying has been disregarded as a man’s weak point but in reality, it’s the strongest that he can get. Shedding tears is a sign of being created by God with emotions and the right DNA structure including the capacity to cry, feel and be hurt.

Being Honest is not a crime –

If you ask me if I cry, I’d say yes. I cry for the right reasons and for the right people. To a guy, crying is an expression of being real with what they feel. It’s as if saying – I’m sorry, I miss you and the like. It’s an emotional expression of being true to what you feel and taking away the barriers of cynicism, lies and deceit.

If you ask me if I’ve been hurt, I’d say yes. I’ve been hurt by my loved ones, by a friend and a special someone. Like many girls saying they have been hurt before – so do we as guys. A man’s heart is torn when someone leaves him for good, a guy’s perspective is perplexed when the hope of his dreams are shattered and especially, a boy’s feelings is wounded when everyone laughs at him because of being afraid.

The Truth Vs. The Lies

Sometimes, our society’s idealism kills us to being true to ourselves. This has become a lie to dormant that it’s like being the truth instead of the lies.

And what lie is that?

That in reality, a guy who cries shows the real him, unmasked of all the coated lies men and women from decades ago created to hide reality in all of us. There is no difference or even an alteration of his being a man when he shows emotion at the right time.

If you ask me, men who disregards cries and hurts of others are men, who in the history of mankind be forever known as people who started the holocaust, people who have been thirsty for blood that they have closed their hearts to the reality of emotions and created war.

So, what really makes a man?

It’s the heart to be open and be real with his emotions. It’s the fact that in this world, he doesn’t regard crying as for sissies and being hurt as a man’s indication of a failure.

A man, if you ask me, is a person who has the guts, like many of us, cry even after seeing a family movie that speaks of love and hope for men like us. 😉


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