Spiritual Spirals

I just had lunch with my team mates and it was an interesting humid lunch with lots of chit chat about spirituality and life as a whole. It’s kind of interesting that to many of us, going to church is mundane and not that exciting.

Hhhmmm… It made me think about my own spiritual spirals lately… what made me go lukewarm overtime?

Well, the reality that going to church is a choice and a will to stay long…being there requires more attention and presence of mind. Everytime I listen to the sermons by our pastors allows me to examine my own life, choices and stand in life. To many times, it’s an opportunity to seek the answers to unanswerable queries I have ever since.

But to some extent, doing things that I know of is wrong makes me callouse and hardhearted. It’s seems to be a wall that blocks conscience from doing its ridicule on me. I hate what I’m doing but I seem to enjoy it at times also. But I know time flies fast and the effects of everything that I do comes to a hault and guilt comes rushing in, pushing you to the ground of despair and disclosure.

It may seem unfair to what I’ve been through but knowing these things doesn’t mean I’m not accounted for what my life has been. Although society can pretty much be included in the list of causes for my choices. It still boils to the point that life, no matter how hard and rocky it may seem, it’s my CHOICE that counts, and it’s also my CHOICE to be wayward or to move on straight ahead.

With all these, which makes me think more… How can I get out of this pit I’ve made myself?


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