A Letter to You God…

Dear Lord,

I wonder how you would react when you get this letter. It’s been awhile that I have talked to you. I know I have been doing things my way and have been busy for a lot of things that I have no time to chit chat with you like before.

I know it’s not good to ask some questions but may i please, just this once, ask one particular question that has been bothering me for a few days now…

” For what purpose are these things happening?”

I know that in all things You work it out right with us and for us, but isn’t it sometimes a bit obvious that what’s going on in my life right now seems to be an odd end from what you have purposely created me?

To sum it all up, my life is a mess with a lot of misgivings and failures. What the Apostle Paul says is a reality of “doing that you hate most…”

Amazing Lord, while writing all these things down seems to unburden the things inside my heart…

I know, I know, You will always make this a lesson to be learned for me. I thank you for that. And it seems to me also that you kept on telling me that you make every opportunity a stepping stone for me to leap up and move on.

So, how will I end this letter anyway?

Just by saying “I love you more than anything else in this life…” No matter how things seems to be at par with the things that i want to see right now. I know everything will work out right. I will always hold on to the things and the promises that has been given to me through your word.

Yes Lord, I really want to see your goodness in the land of the living. To gaze upon the beauty of your goodness and dwell in the purity of your promises. To dance in the joy of your salvation and swim in the abundant grace of your love.

Forever may not be enough to fulfill all my dreams and aspirations, but i am content to what I have in you right now. And forever I will be grateful to you…and to YOU alone.



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