Remembering Lolo and Lola…

Sunday was my typical rest day. I had a time to watch crunchyroll, chat and check friendster. A twist came when my auntie sent me her blog’s link and as i read her tribute to my grandparents. Whew, I cried!

The article was all about my lolo and lola’s good things they have done for the 5 siblings of my mama. Like their experiences, it was the same as ours when we were in their care for almost our entire grade school.

My lolo’s discipline and love for us will always be a big part of me. He is and will always be one great Lolo who is always awake and ready to fetch us up when we needed a ride home or even at going out.

My lola has a different side of her, out of her grumbles and tantrums sometimes, I will always cherish the way she takes care of us, cook for us and now, take care of her great grand children.

Both of them has been a strong encouragement for Viz and I to continue. They were examples of God’s faithfulless and commitment to our family.

Forever will I be indebted to two of my favorite loveones!!!!

Thanks for reading…


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