Just a peek…

August life was kind of bumpy and toxic. I have to beat the odds of doing work and leisure in the beat of time. But it was cool and fulfilling!

Well, August is over and Helllooooo September! FOur months to go and i’d be counting presents and gifts to buy for the kids.

Come to think of September…What exciting things am I looking forward to?

1. Yap Pongsay Clan Reunion – all is set for the Saturday, Sept. 6 reunion. It’s gonna be a blast! (I hope so…) I hope to talk to a lot of people…and also to clarify some issues about my work and a particular uncle who supposedly apply and declined. Whew…I’d be facing lola’s and lolo’s skeptical looks.

2. Cousin’s getaway at Dauin, hopefully this will push through by the second week!

3. Word Of Life 27th Ministry Anniversary – Another gathering of one big family celebrating God’s goodness!!!

4. A job fair in Cagayan De Oro – another work stint and go to places!!! weeeh!

Anyway, it’s just the 2nd day and plans may change but I’m keeping my fingers cross for the exitement!!!



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