The Frank Experience

Typhoon Frank has hit as many lives as we can think of. Boats tossed at seas, adults and children driven out to their homes because flood came to destroy what is rightfully theirs. Calamity, as we know it hits us in an unpredicted circumstance of despair, hopelessness and depravity.

It must be hard for the people in Iloilo when the flood washed away their homes. A colleague of mine sent us some pictures taken just outside the mall where TeleTech is, and you see faces who seems to lose hope when everything they have invested on seems to diminish in just one night.

Another strike from the typhoon frank was the hundreds of people being struck by waves and tossed out of the wild sea breathing and clinging for their lives. I often imagine seeing bodies clinging on to rails and decks just to hold on for their lives. How rude nature can be to kill the dreams of people in those boats, to cut off life and experience the fearsome encounter with death.

With all of these things, how can people whose lives will be forever wired to such an event as Typhoon Frank?

A good question that not all of us can answer. I hope that people who was struck by Frank see their situation but not forever dwell on it. Life must move on. It may be hard but it must be the first step of recovery.

In all of this, I strongly believe God is still in control. Whether to take life or extend, is in His hands. WE might never know the whole point of this dilemma,but still, let’s hope and pray for the better for those who have gone through the “Frank experience” and move on and be more stronger and wiser than before.

Thank You!


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