The Easy Life

I always want the easier things in life. But I find it impossible to achieve or even pursue. Life, as we all know comes with hardship and pruning. There is no such thing as easy life, for me it’s a mirage of a man who wants to escape responsibility, accountability and dependability. Although the 3 are interconnected, they are in a way, bit different from one character to another.

Responsibility is having the state to be liable to be called on to answer something done in the past or present, good or bad. Our generation nowadays seems to think more on how to escape punishment rather than face them. I guess it’s not the fear of being scolded that drives this but the shame it can bring to our egoistic personality we present to people.

Accountability on the other hand is the state of being capable to being accounted for. It’s the idea that as a grown up individual, our parents can trust us with something they believe we can handle and can get accounted for. I don’t know about the rest, but this is exciting – Parents trusting us rather than always grumbling about us!

Dependability or being reliable is being suitable to rely on. It’s the opportunity to share and speak out our minds and people listen, whether old or young alike. This includes not just knowledge of things, but wisdom coming from our own experiences and how we dealt with any circumstances in our life. It’s being bubbly yet wise with our words.

What’s the use of sharing the 3 things I believe lacks in having an easy life?

Well, it’s because easy living relates to being immature. Period. Immaturity is not the state of being old without knowing anything but it’s the reality that with our age, it seems that we lack responsibility to live for the expectations of our family and love ones, the accountability to accept mistakes and make changes for the better, not just accepting our faults but straightening everything up and lastly, to be reliable or dependable to the words and advise we give because we’ve been there and learned so many things when we grew up.

My challenge for all of us is to live not the easy life but in every day, we face challenges and not escape them! Thanks for reading!


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