When toxicity becomes addictous….

Hahaha…my subject says it all.

toxicity at work always makes my day. i spent my entire morning doing work that i don’t have anytime to lay back and relax and have fun.

To enjoy my time is somewhat a necessity i can’t divulge in full especially with deliverable always at my doorsteps. But come to think of it, this is my bread and butter and i don’t think grumbling ca help me ease the work. well of course, I’m also enjoying my work – it makes me think and be challenged with myself and of what i can do and cannot do. i dare myself to be more and do more no matter what.

I guess that’s the problem. with me striving to be excellent with what i do best i tend to be intoxicated by more work and less play. Hhhmmm, it makes sense i guess if your works paves your future career. Hahaha, i don’t know what that means but we’ll see months from now!!!!


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