A blog entry!

Sunday Mundane.

I didn’t go home to our place this weekend. I opted to stay in Dumaguete and break loose from the routine of going home to spend family time. But just as i suspected, It’s starting to get boring.

Well, there are the few things I’ve done so as to survive boredom. Here’s some lists you might be interested to know…

1. Eat lunch.
2. Go online and check friendster.
3. Make a blog entry for melancholiko.
4. Look for that acquaintance my friend was talking about in friendster. (and damn, i have over 1,500 friends!
5. Go downtown and window shop for new polos.
6. Go to National Bookstore and see books about marketing and recruitment.
7. Sleep.

Which reminds me of the number 7 – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People –

I’ll just share a bit of what has become of our sessions…

A lesson learned – To understand that urgent and important immplies two different things. Urgent being not important yet needs to be done because of neglecting it prior the scheduled date whereas important being not urgent but has high priority which means no deadline but has to be done because it affects the entire aspect of your work. 🙂




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