At Week’s End.

This seems to be a busy week after a 5 days break in Bacolod. A lot of stuff has piled up when i was away at the office and so on and so forth. Whew…at least tomorrow i can have a break since it’s a weekend.

So, what’s the plan for this weekend?

Well, seems to be that before i can have my break i need to join the caravan set up by our department…and I’m so close in making an alibi so i can escape the death walk… (joke)

Also, I promised Marc that we will drop by the hospital tomorrow early since we will be going to a birthday party. I don’t know if he will be disappointed but I hope he’s not!

I will definitely spend some time with the 2 kids. i miss both of them! Wohoo!!!!

I’ll be transferring this Sunday to my new room near west. At least, I can have privacy and freedom of my time.

I’ll be going to church.

I’ll be waiting for my “beh’s” first text message…

I guess that’s it.

Anything goes…

Hehehe… Enough with this and need to check my friendster! Wohoo!

Bye Guys!


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