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Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!
I am sending you an email to share to you something that we believe you can take part for God’s glory!
The story behind it.-
Let me introduce to you my friend Marc Jaramilla, 21 years old male and a call center agent where I am working right now. I met Marc last year and became acquainted with him after awhile.  Marc, as i call him came from a broken family. He has two twin sisters that are currently in high school. Marc is living alone without any supervision from anyone close kin or relatives. He does anything that he pleases.
Marc had an accident before the Christmas of 2007. It was a hit and run situation. He had an operation for his leg and upper torso as well as his wrist. It promulgated to an amount of more or less Php 308,600.00 with all the doctor’s fee, hospital fee and medicines. After the last operation he had, he was advised by Intellicare (TeleTech’s HMO) that he can’t avail for such financial aid because it was found out in the investigation that there was alcohol content in the blood during the said accident. According to HMO policy, this is not eligible for the perusal of such health insurance.
Since there was no guarantor for his next operation, the hospital opted to transfer him to a public hospital and re-schedule his operation.
Although Marc and I are not close friends, He texted me for help. I didn’t immediately offered one because I was thinking Intellicare could take care for all his medication and hospitalization. Since intellicare can’t accommodate such financial help, i decided to take some risks in helping him out. With the help of my twin brother and some close friends like Mae Ann, Ilene and so many others, we help out by any means. 
Right now, it’s just Viz, Ilene and Me who is trying to meet Marc’s needs. But we take joy in helping him for Him. Not because of what we can get out of it, but because we love the Lord who created Marc. We know God has a plan and a purpose why he let us meet Marc, that purpose will unfold later on. For now, we believe God is at work in Marc and he has a plan that far outweighs everything he is experiencing and we want to take part on it. It is a venture of a lifetime of seeing Marc come in the knowledge of his Creator, Father and Provider.
What made us decide to lend a hand?
Only because we know it is the right thing to do as a believer.
I am reminded by what my twin bro shared to me when he asked the Lord why help him out? what’s in it for us? He was answered by the verse ” For whatever you do for the least of this brethren, you do it for me ( the Lord…)”  No more questions asked whether Viz (my twin) and I can raise the amount or whether this act will be rewarded or not. We are expecting God to move miraculously.
We know God will send people we know (and we don’t know) to help us out. Our resources may run out but His’ doesn’t. His ways are always higher and better than ours. As long as we act out our faith, I know God will do His part.
That is the reason why I am sending this email to all of you. I want you to venture with us in seeing Marc walk again that he may, like all others, experience God’s provision and grace for a life that seems to be without hope and just despair. I don’t want to preach anything about giving. I just pray God will open your heart to help us out in any means possible.
There are 3 things that you can help us out –

  • Pray for God to touch Marc’s life and be changed. That He may know the truth, the way for redemption and life he always dreamt of. Also, pray for provision for Marc’s needs. He needs money and care right now for his medications. We can help as much, but we need a miracle for the amount we are targeting. Pray for his family, that their hearts will be open for him. this is one of the hardest truth Marc has to dwell on everyday, that his family has literally neglected him.
  • Provide – If God has touched your heart to provide for our need, you may just reply to my email on how you can help out. If you know any benefactor that can provide financial and medical help,please give us some details of how to reach them. If you want to encourage Marc, please send him emails through my email add and I’ll be happy to print out the mail for him.
  • Promote – Although not everyone knows who Marc is, we are trying to create awareness of his needs. This way, believers from all walks of life can share and help in one way or another in Marc’s life. Try sending this email to friends and just make some few personal notes for your friends.

Why help out?
       I really want to answer that question for you but I trust the Lord, whose wisdom far surpasses ours be the giver for that particular concern. I know He can answer it better than me.
I am attaching some pictures of Marc so that this email may not be considered hoax.
Thank You for reading this!
In Christ,
Vir and Viz Antonio P. Silva

Recruiting footsoldiers for Christ
raising up a generation of missionaries

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